Momentum Social partners with Extonare to help with Vyaire Medical’s digital marketing in its global efforts against coronavirus

Last Wednesday, long-standing client Vyaire Medical contacted the Momentum and fellow Tie.Group member Extonare Agency teams to help urgently produce a series of animation videos for its bellavistaTM ventilator. These videos are to be used in conjunction with an instruction manual. Helping medical staff around the world learn to use the equipment. Aiding in the collective effort against combatting Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Digital Marketing support for the bellavista ventilator

Animation videos

In the first 24 hours from the initial digital marketing brief, the Momentum team had produced over half a dozen concepts for Vyaire to review. Once approved, the team worked around the clock to finalise the animations in the space of 5 days. Once again demonstrating Momentum’s speed and quality of service, even in unprecedented circumstances.

Digital marketing for the Instruction manual

In addition to the animation videos produced, the team also simultaneously designed a thorough instruction manual. To be distributed alongside the training videos to aid staff using the equipment for the first time. This was particularly important with the ventilator being sent out to medical professionals all across the UK.

Ventilator production has increased tenfold

The fight against COVID-19

In a study recently completed by the Advanced Medical Technology Association, respiratory device companies have dramatically expanded the limits in production capacity. As a response to the coronavirus outbreak, Vyaire is joining other medical brands to produce up to 7,000 ventilators per week. Comparatively, only were produced 700 per week on average in 2019.

“This historic response is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Scott Whitaker, president and CEO of AdvaMed. “Across the board, our ventilator members have boosted production by more than 285% to meet the demands of this global crisis. Through it all, our partners in government agencies have worked hard alongside our industry. Helping where we’ve needed it most, speeding approvals and fast-tracking the production of these sophisticated life-saving devices. So manufacturers can get them where they are needed.”

Once again, Momentum is extremely proud to be able to help join the fight against the deadly disease. #StayHomeSaveLives