Momentum Social expands digital marketing support across Europe for Goodyear Dunlop.

It’s been a momentous year for the team so far. Following the earlier signing of Dunlop Tyres UK, the team’s great work has not gone unnoticed. The team has won a 4-way tender against major global agencies, we’re proud to announce Momentum Social will be extending its digital marketing support to Dunlop’s European colleagues, across 13 further countries.

Dunlop Tyres Digital Marketing

Exceptional growth

Momentum is very quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with after securing the second European client of the year.

Thus setting a high benchmark with its UK support, the team were brought on-board to replicate this success on a European scale.

The team will draw on their existing motorsport expertise to activate engaging social campaigns. Therefore, Momentum will implement the latest industry trends, maximising potential opportunities and delivering exceptional campaigns. This was done by captivating creative and immersive VR experiences.

Assisting with digital marketing and content production across 13 countries

As usual, Momentum will ensure the corporate identity is maintained across 13 countries. Each having independent objectives and activations throughout the year for instance. In addition, we’ll also help set best practice to handle community management effectively. Ultimately, the most important goal is to uphold the Dunlop brand and its illustrious heritage; which the team is committed to deliver.

As a social media agency, it’s vital to focus on the ‘media’ element. Therefore, we’re always developing our team. In fact, we’re already able to capture, edit and publish quality on-event video within hours. Coupled with engaging posts and visually-striking assets. Making the team a hub for digital marketing engagement within paddocks across the UK. Not only are we engaging with external PR, teams and drivers to deliver exclusive content. It’s also highly beneficial for the brand, who can now provide new value to its partners.