The importance of community management when activating campaigns

Following the enlistment of Momentum’s services by TIE Group partner Nonsense London, the team was tasked with developing community management guidelines and implementing them through the 2020 #JoyfulJanuary campaign for Hartley’s UK. The campaign was designed to highlight the new 10Cal range from Hartley’s through the use of influencer marketing and community engagement – with Momentum at the forefront of it all!


community management - Hartley's

What is Community Management?

Community management is listening & engaging with your audience on social media, bringing your brand to life”

CM contains four parts:

  • Monitor: listen and track to what people say about your brand
  • Engage: when and how should you engage with your consumers
  • Moderate: moderate consumer complaints, spam and toxic conversations
  • Measure: analyse your community management through the feedback of consumers or the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

What is the role of the Community Manager?

  • Be a brand representative
  • Build relationships
  • Communicate the brand’s personality
  • Listen & engage with the audience
  • Loyalty with existing customers & reach new customers

Engagement Strategy

Throughout the campaign, Momentum monitored Hartley’s 10-cal social media, responding to all-digital community engagements, while managing the delivery of both influencer and celebrity content daily. With a huge total spend behind the campaign, it was vital to have a bulletproof crisis comms plan in place, alongside an engaging tone-of-voice. By the end of the campaign, Momentum managed the project for a total of five weeks, overseeing a total of 70 influencers and responded to over 400+ comments respectively.