Engaging dealerships with content creation

Momentum and Avinity secured a long-term co-partnership with Hyundai. The world’s third largest motor company approached Avinity to improve engagement between it’s UK dealerships. In addition, Momentum pitched how social media could be a cornerstone of the activity. Ultimately, providing a vessel to curate content and drive engaged traffic to the new Advance portal.

content creation with hyundai


How our content creation worked

To assist with the launch of the new incentive and engagement programme. Momentum has developed a private Facebook Group. With the aim of facilitating light-hearted engagement between dealership employees. This is an altenate way of looking at Facebook for Business. However, the concept is fairly simple; ensuring Hyundai employees habitually visit the group and engage with the information to redeem rewards and training.


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Incentivised reward schemes

With incentives such as the Mercury Music Awards and other Hyundai sponsored events on offer, Hyundai has put real value behind motivating its employees. In fact, the group has already begun inter-dealership engagement and even developed a ‘Hyundai Ultimate Playlist’. Momentum sees this as a great case study for harnessing the power of Facebook to improve business practices. Plus, it’s not the first time we’ve found this. Check out our previous case studies or feel free to speak to us directly.


Hyundai Santa Fe


The rise and fall of social media

While we saw plenty of bad press for social media in 2018. Advertising and content creation is still thriving. In addition, digital media is going nowhere and now the world has had a shake up, more people are using it in a positive way. As a result, Momentum Social is focused on bringing great social strategies to some of the world’s biggest brands, starting with Hyundai!

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