Power Maxed contacted the team late in 2019 to help update and activate their product refresh in time for Autosport International in January 2020. As well as providing them with media support at the show. Not only did the team capture 75 different video stings and product photography in a day, but all of the edits were complete within a week of shooting. Giving Power Maxed the peace of mind in time for the show.


Jason Plato has a photo with a fan outside the Power Maxed stand


The first stage of the project centred around product photography and short video activations. Power Maxed had recently launched new product branding. The products were activated through photo and video to maximise engagement and flexibility for the brand.

Video stings featured a quick demo of the product in use, showing how it can be applied to a vehicle to achieve the best outcome. A voiceover for each of the products was recorded to engage and help the consumers even further.

For the product photography, the bottles were shot on both black and white backdrops. This was to provide the brand with a eye-catching style for social media. As well as another plain style to match with its e-commerce website. You can find the whole Power Maxed range here.


A lineup of Power Maxed's new product range


The Momentum team also supported Power Maxed at Autosport International 2020 (ASI). The team helped shoot and produce a highlights montage of the stand over the course of the weekend. As well as a feature with its British Touring Car Championship driver – Jason Plato. Helping the brand maximise the footfall to its stand and awareness of the sponsorship for the driver.



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