Capturing photo and video at the MOTO360 influencer event

Following recent project success with clients such as; Cricut and Buddah Tek. Momentum teamed up with TIE Group member Ranieri once again. This time, to deliver professional marketing content in the tech industry. Moreover, with tech giant Motorola. The goal? To provide content creation at the MOTO360 influencer event.


Motorola MOTO360 smart watch worn by DJ


MOTO360 launch

Motorola’s UK launch event showcased the brand’s newest smartwatch; the MOTO360. In order to capture the smartwatch in action, Momentum had to shoot it on the wrists of over 30 influencers including; Tallia Storm, Michael Griffiths and Gabby Allen. The three of which have a combined 3M followers! Helping the influencer event promote the tech to millions of users.


Influencers admire the MOTO360 smartwatch at event


Event photography and video

The venue was BEAT London. So, given the low lighting of the setting, the team were on the ball with its preparation and planning. It was vital to ensure the set was lit to a standard where imagery and video could be shot properly. Whether natural or artificial, lighting setups alter contrast, perception and quality. Therefore, the team ensured lighting was a focus. In order to capture the highest quality content. By the time the event finished, 700+ images had been shared with the client. Demonstrating once again our speed of execution, coupled with our quality. Both of which were complemented on the night.


Influencer launch event with Gabby from love island


Event activation

Event support is a Momentum USP. Success relies on an agency’s ability to quickly capture, create and deliver quality content. Testimonials from our last four projects confirm our capacity to do this. See some of our latest work here. We’ve yet to encounter a project too big or complex to manage. So, we look forward to further combining our efforts with TIE Group members, to deliver quality events across varying industries.

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