Savvy social media strategy

In 2018, the UK has undergone many industry-wide regulation changes. From; GDPR right through to sugar tax. As a result, many businesses had to change their social media strategy to react quickly to change; especially in the food and drink sector. In light of this, Savsé began working to change the way smoothies are produced forever; enlisting the help of Momentum Social to tell their story through digital marketing and media production.


Savse smoothies in picnic basket


SaVsé Content

So, what is HPP? Well, many of you will have seen the headlines; “Smoothies contain as much sugar as a can of Coke”. Now, while this may be true for the pasteurised, heat-processed products produced by a sub-brand of Coca Cola… Savsé chose to change the game; even when they were told it was impossible. Above all, Savsé wanted to create a healthy product, as good as homemade. So, they threw out the rule book and developed a new process. Now, it’s Momentum’s time to tell the world on social media.


Savsé smoothies on a table


High Pressure Strategy

You’ve probably seen the words ‘cold-pressed’ and ‘no added sugar’ plastered over every smoothie bottle nowadays. This is a response to Savsé’s innovation. However, the competition’s core product is still pasteurised using heat to ‘lock-in’ the fruit; ironically this loses much more nutrients than the new HPP method. To clarify, Savsé is the only brand who can shout about producing a whole range using this healthier method and need a social media strategy to match; this is where Momentum Social comes in.


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