Momentum became a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster in 2018.  In addition, to media production commitments within the group. The Silverstone cluster is an innovative group of over 100 companies in the Silverstone area; with the common aim of revolutionising UK productivity. Moreover, transforming innovation and catching the UK back up to its economic counterparts.


The cluster is primarily built up of manufacturing, legal, innovation, technology and medical businesses. These organisations are committed to improving the Silverstone area through innovation. Momentum were fortunate to be accepted as the very first marketing agency within the cluster. First, to document the cluster’s networking events and the annual conference. Then, filming the speakers and interviewing members to get their thoughts on the inner workings of the cluster at events. In addition to encouraging new members to join and help move the various industries forward.


Given the nature of socials’ algorithms and our generally decreasing attention span. Short, snappy videos are ever more important. Gone are the days of image led content as video now reigns supreme. The reason being is that short-form, or hyper-short content engages the user in a small time frame. Delivering key information quickly. Long-form video can also deliver engaging content, more so than simple alternatives. That’s why Momentum will continue to provide our creative expertise in capturing, creating and delivering professional video content. Firing the cluster further into the digital era.





Momentum Social is proud to be part of such an innovative initiative. Already, we are advising companies within the cluster to help them amplify their brand messages to a wider audience across socials. This will continue as we work more closely with the cluster in the future.



For more information regarding Momentum Social’s services, just contact our team, they’d be happy to help. Otherwise, you can check out our other happy clients here.