Video-based social media advertising strategy

Our next project sees us work with long-term client Dunlop EU. They commissioned us to plan, implement and track a European-wide social advertising campaign activation. This involves three overarching video advertisements for IOMTT, 24hrs of Nurburgring and 24hrs of Le Mans. Nicknamed ‘Dunlop Month, the project is a five-week paid advertising campaign, highlighting Dunlop’s passion and involvement in each of the championships respectively. Each campaign designed to captivate fans from each championship in the aim of highlighting the passion for performance Dunlop has across the motorsport industry, with the key message being ‘Why We Race’.



Social Advertising strategy

The content consists of exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage in both portrait and landscape dimensions. Their creation engages the audience on a European-wide scale through detailed targeting methods. Additionally, a separate strategy let us target users on a national level to maximise results via both routes.

International video content

Here’s a brief description of the three videos, with a link attached to each trailer for perusal:

  1. IOMTT – A six-minute-long video demonstrating motorcycle legend John McGuinness’s passion for the IOMTT. Despite a potentially career-ending injury in 2017, the TT legend fought to return to road racing, with this documentary providing insight into what motivated his return.
  2. L24HA two-minute-long video showing the life of a Dunlop Le Mans tire. From manufacturing through to use at the circuit, the video gave viewers an insight into what happens before a tyre arrives at the circuit, and the number of people involved in ensuring it can fulfil its objective as a racing tyre. All crafted together with a poem and cinematic scenes.
  3. N24HLong-form docu-series making up 15-minutes of the impact women have on the motorsport industry and more importantly, on Dunlop teams at the Nurburgring 24 Hours. Showing both jubilee and agony, this video promotes the gender equality message for Dunlop and its teams which had been split into 3x 5-minute clips.

The final versions can be found here on Dunlop EU’s YouTube channel.



The Social Advertising content plan

A total of 365 different adverts went out nationally and internationally. Each with different messages aimed at engaging a total of 22 different audiences across Europe. Each post directly translates into 3 different languages with the copy and subtitles used. Momentum once again delivered on its promise of exceptional execution and ROI by reaching all four KPIs set. Stats totalled out at 75m impressions, 61m reach, 12m engagements and 5.3m 15-sec thruplays.

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