Digital Marketing for the new digital age

After a busy year, Momentum Social has successfully delivered projects across multiple industries. First, in automotive and fashion. Then, smoothies and baby food and now into B2B manufacturing. Again and again, we’ve seen our model deliver ROI for clients. In fact, the addition of cloud-based software provider TotalControlPro is one of the most interesting yet. After a busy few years themselves; the cloud-based software company now supports some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers with smart technology.


Innovating the innovators through digital marketing

Since the plague of productivity issues began in the UK. TotalControlPro has pioneered and implemented industry-leading technology. In fact, they’ve delivered projects for the likes of Siemens, UK Bifold and Strattec. As a result, putting TotalControlPro clients in real-time control of their manufacturing process. As well as, allowing managers to track the status of jobs with a real time view of how they move through the process.

Momentum Social integrated into the TotalControlPro management team to enhance their marketing efforts. To clarify, the main aim was lead-generation and creating brand awareness via social media. Therefore, using learnings from previous clients; Momentum now operates a targeted content and ad strategy; focused on growing the accounts, reaching new audiences and generating quality leads.



Creating thought leaders

TotalControlPro is now becoming an established thought leader. In fact, the company already speaks at regular industry events such as; Innovate UK, Advanced Engineering Show and Smart Factory Expo. Therefore, in order to amplify this voice, Momentum support with social strategy. First, using outreach to build the network and position. Then, communicating the TotalControlPro vision as a key voice within the industry. As a result, gaining the attention of peers, competitors and most importantly customers, in order to drive sales exponentially.

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